We believe that hair loss and scalp conditions are a reflection of the body's internal health so a Hair Consultation should be holistic, exploring all aspects of your health, diet, sleep, hormones and stress. A holistic approach allows the underlying causes of your hair problem to be established so that the right course of treatment can be recommended.

Medicated Treatment

Medicated treatment will be provided where needed. We will let you know if medication is needed from a doctor, over the counter or natural remedies which can be purchased online. Medication may be something taken orally or an ointment that needs to be applied to your scalp.


Although medicated treatments are sometimes needed to address the initial symptoms of scalp and hair problems, making improvements to the body's health is more likely to provide long term solutions. Below are just some of the areas we advise on when recommending treatments to clients.


Stress is one of the biggest causes of scalp conditions and early onset hair loss but it never used to be this way. Back In hunter gatherer days, our fight or flight response would only kick in when there was extreme danger. Today we live in a constant state of chronic stress which our body was never designed for. Over time, our body absorbs this stress like a pin cushion but never releases it. This causes an accumulation of 'historical stress' to build up which our body can’t handle, leading to many health problems including hair loss and scalp conditions. Once stress has been identified as the primary cause of hair loss, our focus is to work closely with clients to balance stress levels and replenish nutrients lost in specific organs of the body which have been affected during these stressful periods.


Most scalp and hair conditions need to be addressed on a nutritional level because most people aren't getting the amount of nutrients their body needs. Generally speaking, minerals address the body at a cellular level while vitamins support the organs of the body. Eating foods that are high in sugar and carbohydrates rob the body of these nutrients and our organs no longer work as well as they used to. They can also introduce problems such as hormonal imbalance and inflammation. By reducing these ingredients and introducing healthier fats, proteins and plant-based foods into our diet, the body becomes balanced again and scalp and hair conditions improve. Other things that can rob the body of nutrients are stress and taking medication.


Fasting, although it may seem like a relatively new concept, has actually been around for thousands of years. Although it may sound daunting, there are lots of ways to gradually introduce fasting into our lifestyles without removing food completely. But why would anyone want to fast? Well fasting has actually shown to dramatically repair the body by balancing hormones, reducing inflammation and repairing and removing waste from cells to name a few. Our clients have seen dramatic improvements to their scalp and hair problems just from incorporating periods of fasting into their lifestyle.


Any health problem can upset the body and lead to hair loss. Health problems are usually caused by stress and what we eat. The focus is to resolve or stabilise these health problems to improve your hair condition as much as possible. We work with clients to identify possible health problems and where medication is needed, we ensure they are receiving the right treatment and dosage.


It can be controversially argued that sleep is more important for the body than nutrition. A lack of sleep causes people to make bad food choices during the day, stops your body from being able to offset stress and prevents proper repair of the body at a cellular level. All of these things can have an indirect effect on hair and scalp conditions.

Hair Replacement

Hair replacement advice can range from wigs, lace fronts, scalp tattooing and hair fibres, to surgical cosmetic procedures such as a Hair Transplant. During your appointment, you will be advised on the best treatment options for you where hair regrowth may be limited.
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