Holistic Approach


​Hair is made up of millions of cells and is extremely sensitive to any changes that take place in the organs of the body. Medication particularly those that control the body, affect nutrient absorption and hormones can affect your hair. Health problems of any kind are often due to an underlying nutrient deficiency or stress.


​Offence can often be taken when stress is cited as a cause of hair and scalp problems because our perception of stress is that we can’t cope. Stress can be caused by worry but it can also be caused by being busy even if you are enjoying what you’re doing. This is due to the pressure on the adrenal glands. Internal stress never leaves the body unless it is addressed, it simply accumulates over time. This means that a stressful event that took place 20 years ago may still carry itself as a physiological stress if left untreated.

Although the results of stress can relate to many types of hair loss, stress typically results in two types of hair loss, Telogen Effluvium due to high Cortisol levels and Alopecia Areata due to low cortisol.

Cortisol is a stress hormone made by the adrenal glands. The role of the adrenal glands is to react and adapt the body to stress. When the body goes through too much stress this can be very destructive on the body’s proteins causing it to break down and turn into sugar so they can be used as fuel. So if cortisol is too high, you will experience protein loss which includes hair loss. On the other hand an extremely stressful event or period can shock the adrenal glands and cause cortisol to go too low. This results in a loss of immune function and the body will develop autoimmune antibodies which attack the hair follicles.


​There is a lot of information in the news about the importance of eating enough protein to grow our hair. It seems to be the logical answer but with today’s western diet being more meat and carbohydrate based then ever before, you’re probably eating more protein then you actually need and still not seeing results.

On a foundational level what your body really needs to function properly are Trace Minerals. Trace Minerals help to make enzymes work. Enzymes are the work force of the body and there are millions of them constantly at work to build up and break down protein. In fact without enzymes your hair wouldn’t grow.

Even if you are eating the best organic fruits and vegetables, you still won’t be getting near the amount of minerals and vitamins as people did in the first half of the early 19th century when plants were far more mineral rich then they are today. This is because the soil from which our plants grow are depleted of essential nutrients. Typically only 3 of the 74 minerals are put back into the soil.