A hair consultation is the most important part of the appointment process for Afro hair loss and scalp conditions and the foundation of everything else that follows.

Maybe you have had some concerns about your hair for a while but felt too nervous to see anyone. Your stylist may have noticed hair loss or flaking after several shampoos, or maybe you've tried every product you can think of to regrow your hair without success.

Most doctors are helpful but their knowledge is usually limited because they don't specialise in scalp and hair problems. Maybe you don’t feel you were taken seriously or you were told your hair style caused your hair loss. While this may be true, most people want to know for sure and may not feel confident in their doctor’s diagnosis. A hair consultation will help you understand why you're having problems with your hair and give you clarity and clear action points to help you move forward.

In our experience, there are normally two or three different types of hair loss taking place in Afro hair at the same time. This is because there are usually a number of different factors that may be affecting the hair at the same time. Each hair problem may affect the other and requires a careful, expert diagnosis to ensure the right diagnosis and advice is given.

We offer private consultations to diagnose and give you advice on your hair condition. Before your first appointment you will be asked to complete a Hair History form. The information provided will allow us to make the most of your appointment time. All initial consultations last for up to 1 hour and 30 minutes where a detailed picture of your health, diet and lifestyle will be taken and photos of the problem area can be assessed as well as an examination of the scalp and hair during the appointment. A diagnosis will be given along with an information sheet which will provide more information.


As well as our standard consultations we also offer consultations for specific goals you want to achieve with your hair. Goals are important because they give us something to work towards and make us look at what we need to do to get there.

Check-up based consultations

A common thing our clients tell us is that they wish they came to see us sooner. Although we encourage people not to focus on the past, most types of permanent hair loss could have been prevented. Check-up based consultations look at what you're currently doing to your hair so improvements can be made and guidance given.

Hair care consultations

Hair care is the most overlooked area when it comes to our hair but the most powerful thing you can do to reduce potential problems. A consistent hair care regime will help improve the overall health of your hair and offset any mistakes you make during styling.
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