05 Apr

Our hair can become weighed down, lank, greasy and unstylable from using everyday products. Although shampoos are effective cleaning agents, many of them no longer provide the deep clean the shampoos of yesterday once did for a few reasons.

We are using more products in our hair than ever before; these products contain ingredients that are not easy to wash out, causing a build-up in your hair over time. Examples include silicones and waxes. 

Another problem is that most people tend to leave products in their hair for longer than the recommended time, the most common being conditioners. Afro hair shampoos have also become a lot more sophisticated, containing a lot of moisturiser to counteract their drying effects on the hair. Other things that can cause build-up include chlorine in swimming pools and mineral deposits from hard water. 

You can spring clean your hair by using a clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos help to deep clean your hair by removing not only dirt and debris but also traces of product that have stayed in your hair for a long time. These shampoos contain very little moisturiser or none at all because their focus is to take away from the hair rather than add to it.

Make sure you use a decent brand of shampoo and wash your hair as you normally would and follow with a conditioner. Your hair will feel lighter and will have a lot more volume when styling.

I recommend using a clarifying shampoo once every six months or once a year depending on the amount of build-up you get.

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