11 Mar

When I ask women what they would do to make their hair healthier, they almost always tell me they would buy a hair care product. Buying good-quality hair care products will give you healthier hair, but, if you don't know much about your hair, the health of your hair will only last as long as you're using the product. Getting to know your hair will give you long-term hair health which you'll be able to enjoy throughout your life. 

Start by spending time with your hair; feel the texture and thickness of it. If you have very soft hair you may get on better with lighter and less moisture-based hair care products, such as those for Caucasian and mixed-race hair, even if you have Afro hair. If you have a coarser hair texture you may benefit from Afro hair products which contain more moisture.

Look back at all the things you have done with your hair in every area, such as hair care, styling etc., and ask yourself what worked and what didn't. For example, if you used a permanent colour on your hair and it caused breakage, you may want to try a semi-permanent next time and add moisturising treatments to your hair care regime to prevent dryness.

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