Laser Hair Loss Comb

A powerful laser hair loss comb that allows you to regrow your hair in the comfort of your home. Its recommended that you only purchase this product if you have had a consultation with us and have been diagnosed with hair loss that is able to regrow. The laser hair loss comb works by using tried and tested laser photo therapy, a technology that has been used exclusively in clinics around the world with great success to encourage hair to grow back healthier, stronger and thicker. The laser comb sends nourishing, low level laser light Energy into your hair with Bio Stimulating Vibration Technology to stimulate the hair follicles. Combines Laser Photo Therapy that sends nourishing, Low Level Laser Light circulation. Studies show that the combined action of 3 beams of light plus a massage function significantly increases hair strength, improves hair quality and helps stops hair loss. Specifications 7 Blue 470 Nanometre Energy Diodes regenerates surface of the hair follicle. 7 Red 660 Nanometre Energy Diodes stimulate the deepest parts of hair follicles. With Bio Stimulating Vibration Technology to boost circulation and increase blood flow. High precision Laser Beam Window nourishes the root of the hair and helps makes hair follicles thicker.

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